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Discover IT Yourself (DIY) is more than just a rental company; we are your partners in crafting immersive and exhilarating experiences in the unique landscapes in and around the beautiful city of Las Vegas.

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Offroad Jeep Adventures offers you an unforgettable off-road experience without compromising on safety and convenience. Enjoy the freedom, excitement, and adventure while exploring the great outdoors in our top-notch, contactless off-road jeeps!

About us

At DIY, we center our entire business around three core pillars: Uniqueness, Privacy, and Empowering the traveler. We firmly believe that the most meaningful adventures are those you craft yourself. Our commitment to these pillars means that we cater to your individual passions, while ensuring a private and personalized experience. We encourage you to embark on your very own journey, at your own pace and discover a different side of Las Vegas.